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The CANfilter specifically designed to diagnosing and fixing CAN bus in vehicles.

 CANfilter specifically designed for qualified Automotive Service technician and Automotive Accessory Repairing Technician those have fundamental knowledge of CAN network to diagnosing and fixing CAN bus error by examine physical CAN bus Network in vehicle or workbench. The main features are:

  • Four Selectable transceivers( TJA 1055/ TJA 1050) on two CAN channels.
  • Two TJA 1055 fault tolerance transceiver.
  • Two TJA 1050 High-speed transceiver.
  • On click fault tolerance CAN bus creation.
  • Filter 200 CAN bus Identifiers.
  • Auto Detect CAN bus bit rate.
  • HID USB interface ,No Specific USB driver required.
  • Light-weight PC software , No powerful PC required.
  • Identify Module related IDs.

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